Working at New Dawn New Day offers challenges and rewards. We are a small team of skilled, experienced and resilient staff who are passionate about making a difference for women and girls. The work can be challenging, demanding and at times frustrating but our supportive environment coupled with opportunities for personal and professional development make it a great place to work.

The kind of roles we have at New Dawn New Day include:

  • One-to-one support work
  • Facilitating group programmes
  • Counselling
  • Administration and reception support
  • Project and service management
  • Fundraising and income generation
  • Marketing and communication

Information about current job opportunities are posted on this page.



We offer student placements for anyone on a relevant course of study including

If you are interested in a student placement with us please contact us for further information and discuss this with your training provider to ensure a placement with us would meet the requirement of your course study.


Partner With Us

Because the women we work with have multiple and complex needs, no single service or organisation can meet all of their needs.

We are committed to collaboration and partnership working with other agencies to deliver the best possible opportunities and outcomes for women and girls and to remove barriers to accessing the support they need.

Partnerships between statutory, private, social enterprise and other voluntary organisations enable us to provide co-ordinated and integrated services as well as innovative solutions and women benefit greatly from being able to access partner agencies’ specialist knowledge and care.

We have some excellent local partnerships and can offer opportunities for on-site delivery and, where possible, co-location of staff from our women’s centre in Leicester.

We are also interested in forming wider strategic partnerships to support service and system transformation and working together to secure resources and new business to support our clients.

As a delivery partner, New Dawn New Day offers:

  • Expertise around gender-responsive and trauma-informed services for women and girls
  • Expertise on women’s offending and rehabilitation
  • A unique and safe women-only environment
  • Counselling and psychotherapy interventions alongside evidence based psycho-educational group and one-to-one interventions
  • A 30 year successful track record in changing the lives of women and girls in Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Access to a clients who have complex needs and who often struggle to access mainstream services
  • Locally tailored delivery based on established networks and tried and tested approaches

We work with partner agencies that:

  • Share our values and passion for helping women and girls to change their lives
  • Add expertise and value to improving outcomes for women and girls
  • Are well run, open to innovation and have a desire to work in genuine partnership

If your organisation is interested in partnering with New Dawn New Day the please contact our Chief Executive for conversation.